Create a stylish look/Revive your existing space.


Many individuals have a difficult time attempting to create a cohesive, comfortable and stylish look for their home. Let us help. A Fetterman Design Group decorator can help you expertly decorate a single area or multiple areas in your home. Whether you want to style a new space from scratch or simply re-style an existing space, we have the creativity and expertise to get you on your way to achieving a decorated area that you, your family and guests will both prize and enjoy.

Corporate Styling

Opening a company is challenging in itself. Fetterman Design Group can relieve some of the challenges by styling your space. Here at Fetterman Design Group we work with both residential and commercial projects. No matter how small or large of a project we can work within your allotted budget. We specialize in decorating your office space which includes, ordering furniture, choosing decor, wall color and art work to fit your business style. Make the best impression for your new business and provide an appealing work environment.


Making a statement with Bold Botanicals & ART.


Say it with color!

Color Consultant

Choosing a color can be very overwhelming.  Fetterman Design Group could help you to choose the right color for the right space and lighting.  The right color can bring your project altogether.  

Color has the power to change the mood and ambiance of an entire area.  However, many factors can affect the success or failure of a color choice.  For instance, what is the purpose of the color you’re looking to choose-- are you looking to add a new bold color to accentuate your unique personality or are you looking to neutralize a space for a potential sale? How will the color choices you’re considering blend with the existing environment-- such as the light in the room (via fixtures and windows), the existing rug or flooring, as well as the curtains/drapes.  The FDG team will help you narrow your color choice focus and provide you with a cohesive color palette to match your desired visual preference and style.


Do you feel at a loss when trying to choose furniture? Does your head hurt when deciding what window treatments to buy? Let us relieve your stress. We can be your personal shoppers. Time and money is saved when we do the shopping for you.


Stylish textiles